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August 1, 2009


Irvine, CA-Harbor Health Systems, a leading provider of integrated medical network solutions, has introduced its new application suite, Harborsys 5.0, which provides the first ever fully integrated network management solution for California MPNs, Texas HCNs, and Custom Medical Networks. For several years now Harbor has been the leading provider of employee notification services, pre-designation tracking services, and custom network building and optimizing systems. The release of Harborsys 5.0 combines all of Harbor's service offerings into a fully integrated platform for creating a custom network and ensuring that injured employees access and remain on those networks. The new release was fully launched on August 1, 2009 and can be accessed at www.harborsys.com.

Harborsys 5.0 is an unrivaled new product suite and is a system built from the ground-up by Harbor over the past year and a half. It replaces the existing systems, which have set the standard for network management and employee notifications systems since their introduction. Some of the most successful MPNs in California and HCNs in Texas have trusted Harbor with ensuring that their networks are built with the best possible providers and that implementation notices are managed properly. The new system not only furthers those efforts, but also gives more control to the customer on making decision and tracking provider performance.

Some highlights of the 5.0 product suite include:
  • A new interface that improves the user experience
  • A single integrated data base and system, providing enhanced access and control of information
  • Use of reporting services to increase flexibility, capability and speed of queries and reports
  • New user levels that empower Nurse Case Managers and Claims Managers to track grievances, nominate providers, and correct addresses and information on providers.
  • For internal Harbor users, a work-flow engine and document management system that permits increased efficiency and more timely posting of information
  • Specialty, sub-specialty, and body part categories for identifying the right doctors more easily.

About Harbor Heath Systems

Harbor Health Systems leads a revolution in Medical Networks that allows customers to build and manage a Medical System based on quality performance of providers rather than lowest bidder medicine typical to PPOs and HMOs.

Harbor builds and manages outcomes-based medical networks. They supply the tools, software and services to help their customers build, implement and optimize custom networks. Key services include data management and analysis, employee notificaiton and pre-designation tracking, provider scorecards, and provider contracting and credentialing.

It is Harbor's fundamental belief that doctors and other medical professionals, who have exceptional skills in clinical, patient care, and business management, greatly reduce the cost of care, complications, and time away from work. Our goal is to identify, network with, and reward these doctors.